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Company name: Sentimental Journey
Sentimental Journey is a Trading name of The Gunner's Store Ltd, a registered company in England and Wales with company number 4620443
Registered Address:
35-37 Chapelgate
Sutton St James
PE12 0EF

Email Address sales@sentimentaljourney.co.uk
Telephone 01945 440289
Fax No 01945 440049

Sentimental Journey was formed in 1995 by Ian Durrant, a collector at that point for over 20 years.

Ian served in the Territorial Army for about nine years and in a mixture of units; Royal Artillery, HSF, Infantry and Royal Signals. At heart he is still a Gunner (this picture was taken while serving with 201 Field Battery in 1988), and therefore collects RA uniforms and associated items as well as British WW2 homefront.

Included in the collection were a number of vehicles and a 25Pr Field gun & Limber, although in recent years most have been sold, only the QL remains now which requires full restoration (again!).

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{Ian in 201 Field Battery}
Above: L/Bdr Ian Durrant, E Sub, 201 Battery.
Picture of Ian Durrant at Chatham Fort Feb 2000
Ian Durrant photographed during a training event held by the World War 2 Display Team at Chatham Fort early in 2000. See, even Sgt Majors's smile sometimes!!!
Ians wife mandy

Ian is married to Mandy, herself a collector of womens uniforms from 1938-1965, and an ex serving member of the Royal Air Force.

In turn her father was a Radar technician before her in the same service.

Both of Ian's grandfathers fought in WW1, one with the Royal Garrison Artillery, having joined just after the outbreak of war, he was finally wounded and invalided out of the army in 1918 having suffered various injuries including mustard gas poisoning, the other grandparent served in the Middle East with the Army Service Corp, but little is known of him.

Various other distant relations were in the armed forces including ladies who served in the early WAAF, and the later ATS, Ian's mother and grandmother were in the World War Two ARP (see article in the Timeline section).

We moved to Sutton St James in 2001 and had to carry out a complete renovation which took over 5 years, due to years of neglect. Some jobs were only finished in 2013

Photo of Ian and Mandys wedding
Even Ian and Mandy's wedding was set in 1943 with all the guests turning up in period clothing. If you would like to see more photo's of this momentous occasion, plus the 'after action report', click on the photo...
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Image map of additional thumbnails The 1940 Bedford MWD 15cwt truck 3 of the vehicles in the collection Ians brother Mike's RAF squadron Ian and Mandy at Kentwell hall 1995 Mandy in the RAF Ian as no6 crewman (2nd in charge) 105mm Light Gun
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