Well, we haven't updated this page in many a year but decided to leave it online as a record of things that were.

We welcome any photo's you wish to send us for inclusion here, so let us have them, the good the bad and the totally indifferent!

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The Die Hards in South Africa
Ian Church of the Die Hard Company is a friend of ours, in 1999 he was fortunate to attend commemorations for the fallen of both sides at Isandlwana and Rourkes Drift. The mission station has been rebuilt but with modifications was used as a setting for a documentary on the battle. They also worked with a group to portray the British soldier of the Boer war. Specialising in portraying the Victorian and WW1 soldier, the Die Hards had a memorable time in South Africa. Here are a few shots of this momentous occasion.
If you would like to know more about the Die Hards, see our links page for more details
The 24th Foot fighting at Isandlwana Later, after the massacre,the 24th hold out in the now famous battle at the mission station at Rourkes drift
'Churchy's own'.
The 'Boer War' squad trained by Ian Church (on extreme left in photo)
Ian, right, on top of Spion Kop, at the exact time and day 100 years on that the second Boer war battle started

Thomas Atkins (Tommy for short) our Red Setter puppy (then 4 months old) at Beltring 99, 'helping' us pack up. Ian Durrant and Terry Wall, both ex 201 Field Battery RA, at the Shuttleworth Millennium show in September 1999 just prior to entering the ring with the WW2 display team.
Early in 2000 we visited one of the earliest anti gas schools in England and was surprised to find it more or less still there!

Having seen the 1999 Bussum event cancelled,the 2000 event was not to be missed. Jason Hunt & Ian Durrant travelled over a few days before the show allowing a bit of sight seeing on the way up and while in the area, which is not far from Arnhem and Oosterbeek.

The weather was excellent (unlike 1998) and many old friends were met, and new ones made.

In all a superb time and we are already looking forward to next year.

The commando memorial in the vicinity of Westkapelle where amphibious landings were made in order to take control of the Scheldt. The long convoy of vehicles covered miles over the whole of Friday.
Villages and open countryside were driven through, the people welcoming the procession cheerfully, a totally different picture to what would be expected in Britain.
Many of the Dutch had a surprise when they realised that some of the 'soldiers' actually were English!
Jason Hunt (left) and Ian Durrant in the back of Edgar Van Englands Bedford MW (thanks for the lift Edgar)
Another village, somewhere in Holland
Photo JH
On the road, the armour moves to the front
Photo JH
A rest on route
Photo JH
A jeep gives a lift to a 'British' MP
Photo JH
Edgars MWD
Photo JH
The British airborne area at camp Bussum.
Photo JH
and the American area
Photo JH
The new Arnhem bridge 'John Frost Bridge' The Arnhem memorial near the bridge

Beltring July 2000
We didn't manage to get many photos of the show, but we will try to do better next year. This shot shows our stall at the show.Ian is in 1950's jungle greens, dressed for the Malayan emergency A general shot of the stall area, 1000's of people enjoyed gentle browsing over the five days
Our neighbour, Sefton, came to see us over the weekend and enjoyed himself in the beer tents........  

"HISTORY IN ACTION"- Kirby Hall, 2000
Held in August, this now famous re-enactment show staged by English Heritage, attracted over 3000 re-enactors from covering all periods of history from the Saxons and Romans, through middle ages knights and cavalry, to the battle of Waterloo, the American Civil War, the Boer war, WW1, WW2 and the Gulf war, and that is not a complete list!
Saturday was extremely hot, everyone suffered in their uniforms, but none more so than those in armour. Sunday was cooler and just as the show closed the rain came, within coupe of hours it was torrential, the timing could not have been better
The show has an uncertain future and no one is really sure at this time as to wether it will be held again next year.
The 'SOSKAN' ACW Confederate camp . and the Union camp
Even the Womens Land Army were represented along with a group of ARP wardens and a team of ATS manning (womaning?)a 40mm Bofors. The WW2 display team area
There was a complete section of the WW1 trenches, during the weekend WW1 aircraft flew over and both sides swopped rifle fire. On Sunday a truce was called and a game of football was played in no-mans land, the British officer definitely not being a gentleman as he tripped up the opposition with his walking stick! The British trenches were exceptionally authentic
Stalingrad, this photo does not do these defence works or the chaps manning them justice
In the evening nearly everyone gathered at the beer tent for a few drinks. Seen here from left, Jason Hunt, Paul McAllister and Davan Winch Cross period drinking or what!
Who was that girl in the white?! OK, so where's Doctor Who, I think we may have a pan dimensional time warp here!

TILBURY FORT Military Vehicle Show, August Bank Holiday, 2000
Shot of the stall, again we will try and do better next year Mandy hard at work, note the 'GB out of Europe' sweat shirt.
An excellent new event held at the Detling Showground in Kent, Sentimental Journey were there this year with 'The Gunner'.
The show was excellent with many high quality groups from knights of olde to the Gulf War. Everybody seemed to have enjoyed themselves and even the bad weather on the Sunday did not daunt the hardy souls present.
EXERCISE PARTING SHOT, Bisley, 14th July 2002
On the 14th July 2002 the MGC Old Comrades Association held Exercise PARTING SHOT under the auspices of the RLC on the 400 meter range at Bisley. Around 30,000 rounds were fired by the invited visitors on the day and advanced recruits acted as gun numbers and loaders (dressed in WW1 style uniform and equipment) to keep the visitors supplied with loaded belts and sort out any problems. It was a gorgeous day and a superb time was had by all. Nine Vickers guns were in use and the sound was something to hear. This was probably the biggest shoot by the British Army of this weapon since it was last used by the British Army in the 1960's.
Ian and Tony were lucky enough to have received invitations and broke away from setting up at Beltring to drive across to Bisley. They were lucky enough to get a shoot of 50 rounds each during the late afternoon.
photo of WW1 wagon A WW1 Vickers ammunition wagon The firing line
vICKERS FIRING Recruits and NCO's from the army dressed in W1 uniform Belts being loaded Belts frantically being loaded
Andrew Robertshaw from the National Army Museum dressed as a WW1 officer, looks good doesn't he! Civilians firing
Beltring 2002 Not much to say except bigger again, more stalls and vehciles than ever before, and the thieves were out in force as we found to our cost.
In 2003 We attended the first Ramsey 40's weekend, excllent show!
Ramsey Thumbnail Paul McAllisters superb CMP group Ramsey Thumbnail Vehicles under cover in the copse
Ramsey Thumbnail The farm buildings Ramsey Thumbnail More vehicles under cover in the copse